One of the world’s top guilds that is currently in the race for a World of Warcraft world first Argus kill is in the midst of a major controversy. It appears that Adois, one of the guild’s accomplished healers, wanted to ensure his team raid spot. In order to secure it, Restoration Shaman Adois (Illidan NA) sent spoof links to other guild healers that then started a DDOS sequence to force the healers offline.

We have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Limit’s 5th main healer, Adois, used spoofed links sent to his co-healers to scrape our IP addresses and then DDOS a healer, forcing him offline to get a raid spot for himself.

— Jeathebelle (@Jeathebelle) December 11, 2017

According to PCGamesN, Adois begged healers to click the URL in Discord that redirected them to an IP scraper. From there, Adois posted the IP address in another Discord server that somehow started the DDOS sequence.

This is not the first time that Adois has been embroiled in guild controversy. Something very similar happened during the Nighthold raid when a healer experienced disconnect issues, forcing Limit to bring Adois along. As soon as the fight was over, the disconnect issues ended.

Limit has booted Adois from the guild and leaders have said, “Adois was by far the worst player in Limit” which sort of makes you wonder why he was considered at all for a spot.