As a raider, logs and analysis are very important. There are multiple tools created by the wow community to help improve your gameplay. In this post we will look at each tool and how they work. In addition we will cover what is expected by Taunt when raiding with us.

Knowing your class

Choosing to raid is not to be taken lightly, with mythic raiding you have 19 other members counting on you. Ensuring you know your class inside out is the bare minimum of mythic raiding. Doing so will ensure that the raids are easier for you and your fellow team mates. Thankfully there are some superb guides out there for all classes & specs; along with discord channels & streamers that can help you improve. Please remember as anything in life, you will always be learning from boss to boss.

Useful Class Sites


Whenever you are raiding it is expected the following checklist is completed before you turn up for the raid.

If you are unsure on what items you should bring please take a look at Icy Veins or wowhead. These resources give you a guide on this for every class & spec:

Boss Guides

As a raider knowing the current fight you are progressing on is imperative and if you have not done your research then expect to be benched (This is only fair on your fellow raiders).

Boss guides and videos are widely available on YouTube, Wowhead, FatbossTV & Icyveins. Follow these guides where appropriate but be aware that we will not always follow the strategies presented and may tweak slightly.

Useful Boss Guides Information

For healers specific I personally really like:

These next sections are most important.

So you have now read up on the bosses, been to the Auction House and bought all of your consumables what is next? Theorycrafting is the opportunity to sim yourself. Do you have the best possible gear? This will NOT always be the highest level gear in your bags. At this level stat weights become hugely important. For example I currently have a 370 ring equipped even though I have a 400 ring in my bag why? Because the 370 has haste, mastery & a socket these are my BIS stats whereas my 400 ring has a socket also but is Vers, Haste.

Please follow these guides if you require more information:

Now we are finally ready to go and hit some bosses, but wait we still have not finished there are still improvements we can make after the raid.

Logs, logs, logs, logs, Any raiding guild worth its weight in gold will log the raids and review these logs. Expected your performance to be analysed after a raid.

Again the World of Warcraft community have built some extremely good resources for this:

These final steps will take you from being a Mediocre raider to a Superb raider that your name is always first on the team sheet, they are not to be taken lightly.

As per the title this is just the basics I could go into a-lot more detail, so if you would like to discuss this further please ask me any questions you like via the following methods: